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Posted By on September 24, 2017

Ben Moody (17)

The Hatsan Alfa is a must for back yard pests and plinking. Its compact design allows for easy storage and its lightweight for easy mobility. I found these features very useful while working at our farm. The Alfa is a break barrel pellet gun that uses .177 caliber pellets. The biggest advantage to this caliber is its availability, you can buy .177 at most sporting goods stores and even most hardware stores. And it is inexpensive, you can find two hundred and fifty rounds for as low as three bucks. That’s a cheap source of entertainment!


Ben Moody holding the Hatsan Alfa.

The crowning feature of the Hatsan is the adjustable trigger. I was able to take up trigger pre-travel, which increases the trigger pull, and vis-versa with one simple screw. The rifle also has a unique feature for a break barrel. Out of all the break barrel pellet rifles I have owned and tested none of them had a self-resetting safety. The Alfa safety resets when you break the barrel to reload. This added safety feature makes it great for

The precise first person shooter angle displaying     a wide range of shooters. The  the fiberoptic sights.                                                 accessories are also very good. The fiberoptic sights front and rear are easily adjustable. Both sights are very well made; the rear sight is solid with almost no wobble and the front sight is hooded to prevent breaking. The hood also doubles as a shield for the crown of your barrel, preventing damage to the crown and debris in the barrel.

The rifle looks great but how does it shoot?  The answer is pretty dang accurate. At twenty-five yards I was hitting a half

The left side of the Hatsan Alpha.                                    dollar sized target every time. Knock down power? The box claims that it runs about 495 Feet Per Second. Great for squirrels, mid sized birds, and other pests.

In the end, I would highly suggest the Hatsan Alfa for this year’s Christmas list whether for a new shooter or just something to plink cans with.

The right side of the Hatsan Alpha.

I would like to thank Junior Shooters Magazine and Hatsan for the opportunity to test this great product.


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