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Brownells ESG Essentials Emergency Gun Bag Kit

Posted By on February 22, 2015

Many of us have an emergency bag in case of a disaster. Is is a real must for any family, especially a family with kids. One of the best I have seen is Brownells ESG Essentials Kit. It has just about everything you need in any situation except food and water – just add them in. The Emergency Gun Bag contains the supplies required to help keep both you and your firearm working in an emergency situation, all packaged into one easy-to-carry bag that saves you money over purchasing all the items separately.

For your gun, the bag contains a Universal Cleaning Kit, weapon wipes, two 20-round AR-15 magazines, and a Burris lens pen to keep your optic clean. Just add some ammunition in the appropriate caliber.
For you, the bag contains everything – except food – that’s required to survive a long-term emergency: Water purification, fire-making supplies, shelter-building tools and materials, first-aid supplies, emergency lighting and more.
Just add some long-term storage food and ammo in the caliber of your choice, and you’ve got a completely-prepared bag that you can grab and go with in any emergency. Check it out at www.brownells.com.

Kit Includes:

· Remington Universal Cleaning Kit

· Break-Free Weapon Wipes, 24-Pack

· Ontario Survival Knife

· Burris Lens Pen

· 2 Brownells 20-Round Magazines

· ASP Airweight Baton

· Top Cop .68 oz Spray

· E.A.R. Ultra-Fit Earplugs, Corded w/Case

· Brownells Clear Shooting Glasses

· Gerber Dime Multi-Tool

· Gerber Gator Machete Jr.

· Brownells Versatile Light

· Streamlight Microlight

· Streamlight Trident Headlamp

· Adventure Medical Adventure Trauma Pack

· Adventure Medical Kits Afterbite

· Brownells AR Multitasker

· Ace Camp Survival Multi-Tool Shovel

· Condor Outdoors Products Black Shemagh

· Coleman Lightsticks, 2-pack

· Coleman Emergency Candles, 2-pack

· Turboflame V Flame

· UST Butane Fuel

· Balm Shot

· Stansport Camp Blanket

· Rite In The Rain Notebook

· Rite In The Rain Pen

· LifeStraw Filter

· CamelBak Eddy Hydration Bottle

· Coleman Campers Toilet Paper

· Adventure Medical Kits Adventure Bath Wipes, Travel Size

· Midland Pocket Radio

· Duracell Pro Cell AAA Batteries

· SureFire 123 6-pack Batteries

· Voodoo Tactical 50-ft Paracord

· SOL Fire Lite Kit

· Condor Outdoor Products 3-Day Assault Pack

· ESG Essentials Patch

Happy 2015! Remember Safety First – Check Out Custom Safety Flags

Posted By on January 4, 2015

 IMG_4542 edited Website jpg I hope you all have a very happy and rewarding new year. Lots of fun, some great shooting and time with family. Always keep in mind that safety comes first whenever you are around firearms whether it is at the range or at home.

When safety rules are broken disasters can happen! We should make sure that standard safety rules are adhered to when handling firearms. Such rules include:

  • Always treat a firearm as if it was loaded.
  • The gun is always loaded. (If you always treat a firearm as if it was loaded, then when handling a firearm you will be more inclined to insure the muzzle is not pointed at anyone, including yourself.)
  • Never point a gun at anyone. (Muzzle control at all times.)
  • Always know your target and what is behind it. (The gun is pointed down-range and when fired the bullet cannot go beyond the berm/barrier. If it does, there is still a cleared area.)
  • When these rules are followed, it will minimize any damage if an accidental discharge occurs insuring your safety and that of others. However, the use of a chamber safety flag will further reduce accidents, hopefully eliminating them.

Almost all firearms sold by manufacturers today are sold with a safety flag. That is encouraging. The discouraging part is that these flags are usually not used and many are lost. Safety flags should be used all of the time unless actually shooting.

  • When stored. When you take a firearm out of the safe to show someone, put it in a gun case, or clean it, you can immediately see the flag and know it is safe.
  • When put in the gun case. (When a gun is taken out of the case there should be a flag in the chamber.)
  • At the range. A chamber safety flag should be inserted into the chamber immediately after shooting. This means that long guns (rifles and shotguns) should have a safety flag in them when they are in the rack.

IMG_4541 edited Website jpg

Some really cool safety flags are custom ones for rifle and shotgun that are available from Sterling White.

Personalized Safety Flags – Making safety flags “cool” is a great incentive for people to use them. Not only are they personalized and look good but they work extremely well and are very obvious. We have used them extensively with great success. Junior Shooters magazine is a huge proponent of using safety flags. These flags from Sterling White are fully functional and the large fabric that is personalized really stands out. They are effective and fun. They are also “Way Cool!” Contact: Sterling White CONTACT INFO: http://www.plugrusa.com 951-966-9841.

Flex Hone – Improving Your Shotgun

Posted By on December 9, 2014

Flexhone_Barrel_Honeswcap We have found that even a chrome barrel and chamber have problems with sticky shells or shell residue build up, even after cleaning. When you put 400-500 rounds through your shotgun in a three-day period this can cause minor difficulties and even affect accuracy. There is now an easy way to make your chamber, forcing cone, and barrel as smooth as silk making those shells pop right out. We have even used it with Antique shotguns cleaning out rust and smoothing out pits.

This is a flexible, drill-mounted hone called the Flex-Hone® to quickly and easily produce the optimum smooth and polished surface finish in any type or size of shotgun chamber, barrel, or forcing cone.

Developed by Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM), Los Angeles, CA, the ball-style Flex-Hone Tool is characterized by small, abrasive globules permanently mounted to flexible nylon filaments. Using a flexible hone is a simple process that basically requires the means to hold a part securely such as a padded vise, the use of a low speed electric hand drill, and some common sense.

Available in a variety of lengths and grits designed to meet the various bore or gauge sizes of most types of guns, the Flex-Hone enables shotgun owners to achieve a rust-free, beautifully polished micro surface finish. As a result, many firearm manufacturers are today selecting the Flex-Hone for final finishing operations. However, the tool functions just as well in the hands of a DIYer.

Maintaining Barrels, Chambers and Force Cones
The Flex-Hone quickly, safely and thoroughly cleans out any barrel damage that has occurred from oxidation and corrosion, blend out scratches and removes the nicks and pits that cause plastic adhesion.

A flexible hone will also remove the built up residue in a barrel, and leave a superior surface resulting in greater accuracy, reduced wear and longer life for a shotgun. Standard barrel hones are 34 inches long and available in 10-, 12-, 16- and 20-gauge sizes.

Shotgun honing system 1 When used in shotgun chambers, the polished finish allows fired cases to extract more easily, which puts less strain on extractors and ejectors. It will also ensure that debris is far less likely to adhere to the chamber walls and any that does remain will be much easier to remove during the normal cleaning procedure.

The forcing cone can also be polished using a flexible hone with a specially designed tapered profile Flex-Hone. Forcing cones are the first thing the shot and wadding encounter as the transition is made from chamber to barrel, the cone literally forcing the larger diameter payload down to barrel size, so it is subjected to considerable force, as its name implies.

This can lead to considerable fouling build-up close to the cone, the surface finish of which can be less smooth than either the barrel or chamber, as manufactured. Not only does the fouling create added resistance but can induce corrosion to take hold under it. Even regular cleaning may not remove it all. Honing with the Flex-Hone will ensure fouling build up is minimized.

Shotgun Owner Feedback

Johnson, who had been utilizing professional services for polishing and finishing and paying the cost plus $75 in postage, tried the Flex-Hone.

“With the Flex-Hone, I accomplished the polishing myself in half an hour,” says Johnson. “This saved me time and money. If you can operate a drill you can polish your barrels, chambers, forcing cones and cylinders yourself. I followed the instructions and had no problems at all.”

Jim O’Hanlon, a cowboy action shooter form Port St. Lucie, FL had similar results.

“Using the Flex Hone simplified the cleaning process and gave more consistent results,” says O’Hanlon. “As a cowboy action shooter, we shoot double shotguns that are not allowed to have ejectors, just extractors. Shells must fall out of the chambers with ease for fast reloads.”

Hanlon adds that he also competes in Black Powder categories, which can create what he calls “a really sticky chamber.”

“The Flex Hone gives that final, glass like smoothness that allows my extraction of empty shells to be fast,” says Hanlon.

Art Kopp, Jr. of Great Bend, PA tells of shell-hanging problems occurring with his Remington 1187 20-gauge. “The shells were not ejecting,” explains Kopp. To determine if the issue was a barrel-related malfunction Kopp switched barrels with another 20 gauge and the problem disappeared immediately.

Knowing it was a barrel issue, Kopp was able to use the Flex-Hone at home. “I used an electric drill, elbow grease, and a Flex-Hone,” says Kopp. “After, my Remington 1187 Premier Upland Special was again working flawlessly with any rounds I put through it, including cheap aluminum-hulled ones.”

Flexhone-Firearms_Barrelswcap Shotgun Barrel Restoration

Delbert Murray of Victorian Arms of Pensacola, FL describes how frustrating it can be to clean the barrels of older shotgun barrels, included double-barreled.

“We seem to have a lot of people showing up over the last two years with Grandpa’s old double barrel,” explains Murray of Victorian Arms. “Some of these were very sad cases. We did what we could for the pitted barrels [using various techniques] and it was relatively easy to knock off the surface rust and chunks of hardened powder and residue. The disappointing part was the very minute pits and scratches that remained.”

Although eager to restore the barrels to a safe condition to shoot, Murray also understood that it was extremely important that excessive material was not removed and that no area was over-worked in an attempt to remove a particularly stubborn pit or rust. Having tried a myriad of techniques, Murray learned of the Flex-Hone and decided to put it to the test.

“We were a little skeptical at first about how well it could work and chose an old Colt double 12Ga of Damascus steel to test on,” says Murray. “It could never be fired again so we couldn’t do it any harm.”

Murray was instantly impressed with the results. “The Flex-Hone was like magic. Now we use them every chance we get and the result is almost always a bright, ‘like new’ barrel in just a matter of minutes.

Victorian Arms now stocks a complete set of Flex-Hones in various sizes for all shotgun gauges, as well as for the chambers.

“It pays for itself the first time it is used on a restoration job,” says Murray.

Dennis Weinman, of Cordova AK, had a similar experience using the Flex-Hone as part of a restoration of his 1870’s vintage W.C. Scott.

“Rusty bores were a major issue,” explains Weinman. “The Flex-Hone tool removed the surface rust completely from the bores. I would have paid a professional gunsmith good money to do what I did myself. I used the flexible hone with my old drill and motor oil and got a great result.”

Weinman was also impressed that the Flex-Hone was available in the exact bore size he needed.

“The shotgun was a 10 gauge bore, so the fact that [Brush Research] had a 10 gauge Flex Hone was a restoration life saver,” says Weinman. “Moreover, it was rewarding to do the work myself and it made the result even better.”

For more information, contact Brush Research Manufacturing, Brush Research Mfg. Co., Inc., 4642 Floral Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90022; Phone: (323) 261-2193; Fax: (323) 268-6587; e-mail: info@brushresearch.com or visit the web site: www.brushresearch.com

For a simple Flex-Hone for Firearms Instructional Video go to our YouTube page. http://www.youtube.com/BrushResearch

Hodgdon’s 2015 Reloading Manual

Posted By on December 4, 2014

This is a “Must Have” for reloaders! It is brand new and updated. Contact them to get yours.


  • Hodgdon-The Brand that’s True
  • Pyrodex-The Muzzleloading Propellant
  • Triple Se7en-Easy Clean Muzzleloading Propellant
  • GOEX Black Powder-The Tradition Continues
  • IMR-Legendary Powders
  • IMR White Hots Preformed Charges
  • Winchester Smokeless Propellant-For Loading Professionals
  • VihtaVuori Smokeless Powders

6430 Vista Drive

Shawnee, KS 66218


(913)745-0778 Office direct

(913)362-1307 Fax

Office hours 7a-5:30p Mon-Thurs CST Closed Fridays

Do You Want To Go Shooting?

Posted By on November 24, 2014

Do You Want to go Shooting Vol 19 P8-10_Page_1Do You Want to go Shooting Vol 19 P8-10_Page_2

Do You Want to go Shooting Vol 19 P8-10_Page_3

Be The Best Airgunner You Can Be!

Posted By on November 20, 2014

AmerAirgunner_logo_rgb FORT SMITH, AR (November 17th, 2014)— Are you the best shot you can be with your air rifle? Tune in for this week’s Round Table where Rossi Morreale, Jim Chapman, Tom Gaylord, and Rick Eutsler provide expert tips that help you improve your shooting skills.

Rossi also gives us an insider’s look at the largest online airgun retailer on the planet—Pyramyd Air. Airgun critic, Rick Eutsler and Rossi get together to evaluate the popular Umarex Surge and see the kind of airgun performance tests that are often performed for airgun reviews.

 QuadPicAmerican Airgunner airs on the Pursuit Channel Wednesdays at 4:30 pm Eastern, Fridays at 1:30 am and during primetime Friday evening at 8:30 pm Eastern. This is the only televised show about airguns. Watch it on DirectTV Ch. 604 or DISH Network Ch. 393. Check your local listings for additional channel information.

Follow American Airgunner on Facebook for information about weekly giveaways through the rest of this year and tune in for the weekly Get Clued In Contest from Pyramyd Air. Watch for the clue during the show’s airing on Pursuit Channel. For more information and to enter go to http://www.PyramydAir.com/win.

Find American Airgunner on Facebook, YouTube, , and Twitter.





Browning Buckmark Plus UDX

Posted By on November 9, 2014

By: Ashley Rumble (11) Volume 16 Winter 2013

closeup gripI recently got a chance to test a Browning Buck Mark.  It is a very cool gun and really nice to shoot. It has a match trigger that is very short and crisp. It has a chrome barrel and wooden grips. The green bead of the front sight makes the sight picture very clear when looking through it. When I shoot it, I do very well with it, and it has become my favorite gun.
When I first got it, I had never shot anything but my dad’s Smith and Wesson 22A; which although is a very good, inexpensive, baseline pistol, was very touchy on what ammo went through it. The Browning ran without a flaw. The slide was very easy to pull, though I had trouble with jams because of my noodle arms. My dad got to shoot it before I did, and he said it was like “breaking a glass rod” when you pulled the trigger.
Ashley holding browning silhouette It is very accurate and works well if you are really into competing with a .22 in steel challenge, Ruger Rimfire, or bullseye.  It’s a good beginner’s gun for people who aren’t used to guns or need a gun that’s easy to shoot and easy to take care of.  It is so fun to shoot and easy to clean. When cleaning the Smith and Wesson, it took us a long time because the recoil spring would suddenly pop out and we would have to move it back into place. When I first shot the Browning in a match, I was able to achieve faster times than I did with the Smith and Wesson.
It’s lighter than some of the other handguns I have tried which makes it good for younger kids or people just starting. For people who don’t like a lot of kick, it’s great.  While loading the magazines themselves is very easy, sometimes it takes a little extra pushing power to get the magazine seated properly.  I used this gun in my last competition, and it was easy to handle, even though some of the targets were at a challenging distance for a pistol.   It has a crowned barrel which makes it better because the crown helps keep the bullet in a tight spin and protects the rifling at the end of the barrel, making it much more accurate. Packing it around is easy as well. It’s very compact so we have no trouble getting it in the bag. I really hope I can get one of my own soon. It’s a great gun, and if you ever get an opportunity to shoot one, you should!

SAFETY: Peacemaker versus Vaquerro

Posted By on November 3, 2014

By: Larry Haley from Volume 16 Winter 2013

 Rear of frame for firing pin Since the beginning of this magazine there has been at least one article on safety. Safety is something we can never forget or push to the background if we are to enjoy our shooting sports and enjoy them without incidents. Previous articles have described situations that we would not think would happen, but they do and did.

We have discussed the major firearm safety rules many times. Another aspect of firearm safety is to be very knowledgeable about each firearm you handle. There can be minor differences between two firearms that look much the same, that have big safety considerations. For example, let’s look at the famous Colt Peacemaker, the “six-gun”, and compare it to the modern Ruger Vaquero.

(Picture of each gun from the same side) The Peacemaker is on the left and the Vaquero is on the right. They look very similar and have similar features. They both hold six cartridges and are both single action, meaning you have to pull the hammer back first and then pull the trigger to fire.

Now let’s look at them when they are fully cocked.

(Picture of each gun cocked, maybe close up at rear area)

Do you notice anything different about them? Look closely at the hammer on each one. The Peacemaker’s hammer has a pointed part on it. That is the firing pin. The Vaquero hammer is flat. It doesn’t have a firing pin on it. If you remember, the firing pin is the part of the firearm that strikes the primer on the cartridge causing the gun to fire.

So how does the Vaquero work without a firing pin? Well, it does have a firing pin, but it’s built into the gun between the hammer and the cartridge. So why did they build it that way? There are two major reasons. The first is that the firing pin on the Peacemaker can be broken off, making it unable to fire. So the Vaquero doesn’t have that problem. The second is that it makes the Vaquero safer, and that is what we are interested in.

The firing pin mechanism on the Vaquero is called a transfer bar and from that we get the term transfer bar safety. The transfer bar moves up and down. It is down, safe, most of the time. It only moves up and in-between the hammer and the cartridge when the trigger is pulled. Okay, why does that make it safer?Safety P VS V

To answer that, let’s first look closer at the Peacemaker. Since we don’t have the space in this article for a lot of pictures I will try to explain it. When a Peacemaker is cocked the chamber rotates and a new cartridge is lined up with the barrel. When the trigger is pulled, the hammer moves forward and its firing pin fits through a small hole allowing it to hit the cartridge. It then fires.

This firing pin, which is long enough to hit the cartridge, is also long enough that if the firearm is loaded with six cartridges and the hammer is down, it is resting on the primer of a cartridge. Any kind of a hit on the hammer, or the gun being dropped, could cause the gun to fire. Thus the standard safety rule for the Peacemaker is to only load five cartridges and make sure the hammer is down on the empty one.

The Vaquero does not have this issue. Since the trigger has to be pulled for the firing pin to be lined up between the hammer and the cartridge, the gun can’t fire when the hammer is down, making it much safer. Because of this, the Vaquero can be safely loaded with six cartridges, a true “six-shooter.”

If you can, find someone who has these firearms, and can handle them safely, to show them to you so you can better see what is described above.

Okay, now for some fun. Do you want to be a western film and TV critic? Watch some shows. Pay close attention to any Peacemaker handling. You can ignore the fact that in the old movies they seem to shoot about 20 times without reloading, everybody knows that one.

Here’s what to watch for: A cowboy, gunslinger, or whoever, pulls his gun, cocks it, and then doesn’t fire it and lets the hammer back down and puts it back in the holster. What did they just do? You’re right; they now have the firing pin resting on the primer of the unfired cartridge. It could fire with a bump on the hammer or some other jarring motion. Explain that to your friends. You are now the Gunslinger Guru.

So remember, each type of firearm has its own level of safety and some that look similar may operate differently. You need to become familiar with any firearm before you use it. I recommend that you ask someone who is familiar with a firearm to explain how it works before you attempt to load or shoot it.

Be safe, have fun.

American Airgunner on TV and Internet

Posted By on October 9, 2014

If you like hunting and like airguns you neec to see this show. Sponsored by Umarex, one of the best producers of airguns, the show is interesting, comprehensive and entertaining. This week they just had The History of Airguns .

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 8.44.52 AM FORT SMITH, AR (October 6th, 2014)— This week on American Airgunner, host Rossi Morreale is joined at the Round Table by Tom Gaylord, Jim Chapman, and Steve Fjestad to talk about some of the history surrounding airguns.

As a long-time writer and blogger, Tom Gaylord—also known as the Godfather of Airguns—brings a wealth of knowledge to the table from information about the first known airguns, to their current growing popularity in the United States. Jim Chapman is well versed on the traditions of hunting with airguns and Steve Fjestad is the publisher of the Blue Book of Airguns and offers unique knowledge of airguns in America.

DSC_7998 In this episode’s Airgun Review, Rick Eutsler shares his knowledge with Rossi about the Umarex Octane, a powerful break barrel air rifle. In the Airgun Hunting segment Jim Chapman is hunting with an airgun in pursuit of a javelina in Arizona.

American Airgunner airs on Wednesdays at 4:30 pm Eastern, Fridays at 1:30 am and during primetime on Friday evening at 8:30 pm Eastern. Pursuit Channel can be found on DirectTV Ch. 604, and DISH Network Ch. 393. Check your local listings for additional channel information.

Audiences are invited to follow American Airgunner on Facebook, YouTube, , and to search for #AirgunnerTV to keep up with the show, its host Rossi Morreale, and the show’s guests, airgun hunters, and experts.

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 8.45.54 AM http://www.Facebook.com/AmericanAirgunner

Justin “JB” Biddle
Executive Producer
American Airgunner

Summer Air Rifle Camps Host Record Number of Athletes in 2014 CMP Newsletter

Posted By on September 25, 2014



Summer Air Rifle Camps Host Record Number of Athletes in 2014

For over a decade, the CMP Junior Air Rifle Camps have been a popular destination for junior marksmen during the summer. High-school age (9-12 grade) athletes learn intermediate and advanced air rifle marksmanship skills through various exercises and demonstrations. Throughout the course of the camp, juniors learn tips for both the physical and mental aspects of competition shooting, including positioning, goal setting and proper use of equipment.

Read the complete article.

New Monthly Match League Reaches Four-Month Mark

The Civilian Marksmanship Program’s newly added Monthly Match League has now completed its fourth month, allowing some of its leading competitors to surface. Monthly Matches were held at the South CMP Marksmanship Center in Anniston, AL, as well as the Gary Anderson CMP Marksmanship Center at Camp Perry, OH, in March, April, May and September. Competitors must fire in four or more matches to be eligible for league prizes. The final two Monthly Matches are scheduled for October 18 and November 15.

Read the complete article.

CMP Mourns the Loss of its Friend and Legal Counsel, Mike Saporito

ANNISTON, AL – The Civilian Marksmanship Program is mourning the passing of a friend and legal counsel, Michael Saporito, 76, of Winter Springs, Florida. Mr. Saporito passed away on September 3, 2014 after a brief illness. “We are deeply saddened by the loss of our attorney and colleague. Mike knew the firearms safety business, understood and believed in the mission of the corporation, and was an exceedingly proficient lawyer. He was a true friend, supporter, and mentor to the CMP. His knowledge of the law, tempered by his unique wit and humor, cannot be replaced. We will indeed miss him,” said Judy Legerski, Chairman, CMP Board of Directors.       

Read the complete article.

Minnesota Fires 2014 Prone Smallbore State Championship

The 2014 Prone Smallbore State Championship results are in the books. The last smallbore prone match of the year on the Minneapolis Rifle Club’s (MRC) schedule was held August 23 and 24 at the Bob VanJean Small Bore facility at MRC.  It turned out to be a great event with a full line on Saturday for the Iron Sight matches. The range was in great shape as usual thanks to the hard work of George Minerich and others.

Read the complete article.

Virginia Juniors Make Challenging Transition From Air Rifle to Highpower     

For a group of juniors from Virginia, a routine outing left them thinking outside of the box, or rather, outside of the air range. With open minds and a fearless leader, they stepped outside and into the unknown – the domain of highpower.

Read the complete article.

Shooting Articles in Other Media

Marksmanship program names Johnson to chief post – By Patrick McCreless, Anniston Star – The Civilian Marksmanship Program has a new boss. Mark Johnson was promoted to chief operating officer of the national nonprofit on Monday. He’ll be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the organization, which promotes firearm safety and marksmanship, mainly for youth. Read the complete article .   

It’s Just a Shot Away: Enfield Outing Club Gives Kids a Safe and Sporting OutletBy Jared Pendak, Valley News Staff Writer – White River Junction, VT – Now in their fourth year providing a marksmanship outlet for young shooting enthusiasts, the Granite State Sharp Shooters’ sights remain right on target. The Enfield-based club practices weekly behind the Enfield Outing Club’s Shaker Hill Road headquarters, drawing seven dedicated members aged 10-18. Using .22-caliber rifles, they fire at paper targets in the outdoor range from the three traditional marksmanship positions – standing, kneeling and prone. Read the complete article.

CMP State Director Feature –
Joseph Matter, Washington

CMP’s State Directors provide leadership, resource and program information, coordination, networking, motivation and publicity for junior shooting within their state. The State Director featured is Joseph Matter, of Vashon, WA

Click here to read Joseph’s Bio.

For more information on the CMP’s State Director program, please visit http://www.odcmp.com/Training/StateDirectors.htm

The CMP is currently taking applications for CMP State Directors in the following states:  Indiana, Maine, North Carolina, North Dakota, Nevada, Oklahoma and South Dakota.

News from the CMP

CMP SMALL ARMS FIRING SCHOOL & M16 MATCH – 10 October – Western CMP Games, Phoenix, AZ: This course is recommended for all new shooters and anyone that would like to learn gun safety and sound target shooting skills, regardless of previous experience. In this course you will learn about safety, positions, how to load and clear the rifle, how to loop a sling and prepare for practice firing. Rifle SAFS students are required to use the Rock River AR-15 commercial rifles issued by the school. Personal rifles are not permitted. Ammunition will be issued for use during practice fire and the M16 EIC Match. Coaches will be available to assist students during practice and the M16 match. Junior competitors must be at least 12 years old. For more information, contact the CMP at (419) 635-2141, ext. 1114 or email croguski@thecmp.org.

Garand-Springfield-Military Rifle Master Instructor Clinics – 10-11 October, Phoenix, AZ – Experienced rifle marksmanship instructors and shooters who would like to receive advanced training and be certified as “Master Instructors” to teach CMP-sanctioned Garand, Springfield and Vintage Military Rifle or Rimfire Sporter Clinics are invited to apply to attend a CMP Master Instructor Training Workshop. Click here for more information.

On September 27th, a number of area organizations will host the Inaugural Ohio Day at The Range and Outdoor Adventure Fair. The event will bring a number of experts together in one place, one day to share their passion and expertise with participants from across the region. The mission is to introduce people with disabilities to many of our area’s outdoor activities through education, hands-on opportunities and assistive technology, so they may choose to participate at their own ability level. Opening doors for people with disabilities leads to fulfilling dreams and moving beyond the boundaries placed on them. It is our hope many will learn their dreams can come true – if only they dream and then act upon that dream. Visit http://www.abilitycenter.org/oh-day-range for more information and to register or volunteer for the event.

CMP Monthly Matches, CMP Marksmanship Centers –

Anniston, AL & Port Clinton, OH – The CMP invites you and your team to participate in the CMP’s Monthly Matches. The matches will take place at the CMP’s Marksmanship Centers North and South on

18 October and 15 November. The competitions will feature a Junior Air Rifle 3×20 and 3×10, a 60 Shots Air Rifle and Air Pistol match, and a 20 shot Novice Prone match. Rental equipment is available for the monthly matches for a small fee.

** New for 2014! The six 2014 monthly matches will now be combined into a league. Additional prizes will be awarded to the overall winners! Click here for more information. 

Affiliate your club with the CMP. We look forward to working with you to assist your club in reaching its goals and in reaching the mission and vision of the CMP – to promote marksmanship training and firearms safety for all qualified U.S. citizens with a special emphasis on youth. Visit http://www.thecmp.org/Clubs/Affiliate.htm for more information or contact the CMP Affiliate Relations Department at 419-635-2141, Ext. 1182 or email clubs@thecmp.org.


In This Issue

Summer Air Rifle Camps Host Record Number of Athletes in 2014

New Monthly Match League Reaches Four-Month Mark

CMP Mourns the Loss of its Friend and Legal Counsel, Mike Saporito

MN Fires 2014 Prone Smallbore State Championsihp

Virginia Juniors Make Challenging Transition From Air Rifle to Highpower

Shooting Articles in Other Media

CMP State Director Feature

News from the CMP

Coaching Young Rifle Shooters

CMP Paver Project

Western CMP Games

Anniston’s Dixie Double

Open Public Shooting


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The most comprehensive guide to instructing junior shooting, written by one of the nation’s premier shooters, Gary Anderson. In his 11 years of international competition, Gary has won two Olympic gold medals, seven World Championship gold medals, six world records, and 16 national titles. In the 200-page book, loaded with illustrations, Gary provides coaches with all the tools needed to develop the young shooter and improve the skills of us and coming juniors.  Full color instruction guide. 

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The 11th Western CMP Games and Creedmoor Cup Matches are co-sponsored by the Civilian Marksmanship Program and Creedmoor Sports, Inc. and will be held at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix, Arizona, on 10-19 October 2014. All interested shooters, whether new or experienced, recreation-oriented shooters or national championship contenders are invited to participate in these unique, national-level competitions.

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Anniston’s Dixie Double

21-23 November

Anniston, AL

The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) invites you to participate in its fifth annual Anniston Marksmanship Center Dixie Double. This match offers 60-shot international air rifle standing and 60-shot air pistol events for open men and women and junior men and women. USA Shooting is sanctioning this match as a PSA/PSI match sanctions; it is also sanctioned as a PTO.

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Open Public Shooting

CMP Marksmanship Centers

Tuesday & Thursday Evenings

Anniston, AL

Port Clinton, OH

Shooters, including aspiring new shooters, adult and youth, who live in the Anniston, Alabama, area are invited to take advantage of the opportunity to do practice shooting at the Marksmanship Center air gun ranges. Both 80-point, 10-meter air gun ranges are fully equipped with electronic targets that accommodate air rifle, air pistol or National Match Air Rifle shooting. Rental equipment is available for a small fee.



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Airsoft 3-Gun? Fun! Fun! Fun!

Posted By on September 4, 2014

FM Airsoft group (Some of the Junior Shooters 3-Gun team at Forward Movement on a airsoft stage. Note the glasses and the finger off of the trigger. Glasses are a necessity for safety!)

FM Ricky by two targets Do you want to try 3-Gun competition but not sure if you would like it, or can afford it? Do you need to practice 3-Gun but the cold during the winter months makes you want to stay home under the covers? Try airsoft 3-Gun! Yep, airsoft. You can have lots of fun, practice to your hearts content, and all at a very cheap price. Though you can certainly set it up outdoors, it is indoors where this sport is starting to shine. Out of the weather means no snow or rain to deal with and a controlled environment. It also means you don’t have to take those long trips to the range.

(Ricky Marston, 13, standing with an M4 in front of two custom made airsoft knock-down targets (available for sale at Forward Movement (http://www.forwardmovementtraining.com/). These targets are excellent for 3-Gun or practicing at home. Most of the plastic BBs are caught inside the container.)

The NRA started airsoft 3-Gun last year and they have rules for 3-Gun airsoft and .22: http://nrasports.nra.org/3-gun-shooting-events.aspx. Rob Potter, of Shoot Right, has an International Air 3-Gun program going – both airsoft and airgun. This is a quickly expanding program that will be available across the country and internationally. You can contact him at 602-288-5324 http://www.shootrightaz.org/.

FM Wyatt little clay 3 targets Here in Boise, Idaho, (Where Junior Shooters magazine is located) we have the advantage of working with Matt and Christen Schneider from Forward Movement (see article http://www.juniorshooters.net/2014/06/19/
). This gives us a facility to set up 3-Gun airsoft, practice, and actually have regular monthly matches as well as the Idaho State Airsoft 3-Gun Championship (Spring 2015). Each time we run a stage, the juniors are after me to run it again. “Can we? Can we, please, go again?” We look at stances, gun position, shoulders, hand position, sight picture, strategy, trigger pull, and of course, SAFETY comes first.

(Top left: Wyatt Irish, 15, shooting with a Beretta 92 (his favorite pistol) from Umarex. Notice the tiny clay in the window.)

FM Jessica rifle Stages can be set up where they are long, or relatively short, depending upon the space available. They can be rifle, pistol, and shotgun, or just one gun. They can be quick and close, long-range or a combination. We are currently working on four different stages which will be semi-permanent. (Right: Jessica Brown (16) shooting an M4. Notice the forward stance, square shoulders, and left arm well out on the forearm of the gun. A picture perfect stance for 3-Gun.We can shoot during our practices, during the regular monthly matches (starting in October) that are open to the public, and the public can go to Forward Movement and rent time and airsoft guns and try it out for themselves. Make it a family affair as it is lots of fun.

FM Bryson pistol Most of the airsoft guns Junior Shooters 3-Gun team is currently using are from UMAREX, especially the Elite Force high-end AR and the 1911. Umarex has an excellent variety, though no shotgun yet. We are in the process of acquiring a number of shotguns to test to find the right one. Pistols and rifles are plentiful with the pistols either using CO2 or Green Gas and the rifle is AEG (electric).  Check them out at: http://www.umarexusa.com/Airsoft/.

(left: Bryson Smith (14) shooting at two standing airsoft knock-down targets with a Elite Force 1911 from behind cover.)

FM Kieera (left: Kieria Smith (12) moving up close with a 1911 from Umarex Check out the two triple stack knock-down targets.)

(Right: Torrin Smith (16) moving in with his airsoft M4.)FM Torrim M4

Stay tuned for more great airsoft 3-Gun action coming soon.


Umarex_Action Pistol_Junior Shooters_1_4 Page Vert_10FEB14 JPEG

NSSF “Bullet Points” Newsletter – Get it!

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August 25, 2014

Vol. 15 No. 33

image NSSF recently provided an audio news release (ANR) to radio stations across the country promoting firearm safety education and the message of “Own It? Respect It. Secure It.” in conjunction with the start of hunting season. “Own It? Respect It. Secure It.” is the new campaign of NSSF’s longstanding Project ChildSafe program. To date, the ANR has been used by 871 stations from Miami, Florida, to North Pole, Alaska, reaching nearly 25 million listeners. NSSF encourages the use of the ANR by all who want to promote safe and responsible firearm storage. Listen to and download the ANR


NSSF’s Mission

“To promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports. ”

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