We Want Your Articles!

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We want articles about juniors and written by juniors. The intention is that 60% of the article content of Junior Shooters will be written by juniors. We are also interested in articles by coaches, shooting organizations, parents, manufacturers and anyone else who would like to provide information and material about supporting juniors in the shooting sports. We have published over 1,000 articles written by juniors since August 2007.

Dedicated to the next generation of shooters and the businesses, organizations, families and friends that support them!

John and his dadJunior Shooters strives to be the first of its kind to promote juniors involved in shooting and the many disciplines they are shooting, all in one publication. Junior shooters and their parents now have a publication they can go to and find what is needed to Get Started in many different shooting venues. Questions will be answered about guns and gear needed, protective gear, events, organizations and more. The premier issue of Junior Shooters, Volume 1, was published in August, 2007 and is receiving an outstanding response! Junior Shooters is dedicated to juniors of all ages, but primarily from the age of eight to 21, depending upon the shooting sport. It will be published quarterly starting in 2008.

Documents and photos may be submitted via email to or you may mail them in on a CD (formatted on a PC). Photos must be in digital format, no prints, and they must be high resolution. Document submission format is Microsoft Word 97, though newer versions are acceptable. Please use double spacing and refrain from using any formatting, such as bolding, underlining, etc. We DO NOT accept hard copy. Any articles, pictures, and materials submitted for publication cannot be returned and will become the property of Junior Shooters. By submitting an article, photograph, or any other material, you understand that you are to receive no monetary compensation, either by way of payment or royalty if Junior Shooters chooses to publish your work. Your name will be published as an author for any material you submit that is published, unless otherwise requested. Any articles submitted will be subject to change by proof or edit. You give Junior Shooters non-exclusive license to publish and re-publish your article at no charge. Your article may be published either in our print magazine or on our website at Junior Shooters discretion. Photos may also appear on Junior Shooters’ flickr site. Junior Shooters, nor Junior Sports Magazines, is not responsible nor liable for how any articles or photos may be used.

We have four print issues scheduled March, July, September and November.

Juniors: You MUST have your parents permission to submit articles and photos. You, and your parents, agree to all of the terms and conditions above by submitting articles and photos.


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