GUN SAFETY – With Lyman Products

| November 29, 2017

Practicing with firearms indoors using “Dry Fire” (no rounds in the firearm) can be very beneficial but it can also be dangerous if live ammunition is anywhere in the area. Remove all live ammunition. Clear the firearm by removing the magazine FIRST, lock the slide back and physically check the chamber to ensure that there […]

Sydney Rockwell – Competitive Shooter

| March 12, 2017

From SPRING 2015 issue Hi! My name is Sydney Rockwell and I am a 14-year-old competitive shooter living in Knoxville, Tennessee. When I was 9, I took the Hunter Safety Course and started hunting and shooting rifles with my uncle and dad. I took my first buck when I was 10. I was hooked immediately […]

Special 2-Gun and 3-Gun Edition

| October 2, 2016

 The 2016 Special Edition is Done! The 2016 Special 2-Gun and 3-Gun Edition is now on the newsstands. Check it out at Walmart! This is packed full of information on 2-Gun sports (NSSF Rimfire Challenge and Long-range Precision Shooting) and 3-Gun (Cowboy Action Shooting and Modern 3-Gun,) With articles on guns, events, and some of […]

3-Gun Video Series from Brownells and Janna Reeves

| July 23, 2015

Brownells & Pro Shooter Janna Reeves Partner in 3-Gun Video Series Grinnell, Iowa – Brownells has released a video series offering viewers a pro’s perspective on conquering the game of 3-Gun. Hosted by 2014 3-Gun Nation Pro Series finalist and Brownells-sponsored professional shooter Janna Reeves, the three-part series covers a range of topics from gear […]

Brownells ESG Essentials Emergency Gun Bag Kit

| February 22, 2015

Many of us have an emergency bag in case of a disaster. Is is a real must for any family, especially a family with kids. One of the best I have seen is Brownells ESG Essentials Kit. It has just about everything you need in any situation except food and water – just add them […]

Airsoft 3-Gun? Fun! Fun! Fun!

| September 4, 2014

(Some of the Junior Shooters 3-Gun team at Forward Movement on a airsoft stage. Note the glasses and the finger off of the trigger. Glasses are a necessity for safety!) Do you want to try 3-Gun competition but not sure if you would like it, or can afford it? Do you need to practice 3-Gun […]

American Airgunner and Junior Shooters

| July 16, 2014

Junior Shooters Magazine made an appearance on @AmericanAirgunner on the Pursuit Channel today. It airs again during primetime on Friday at 8:30 pm Eastern time. #AirgunnerTV.   Thanks American Airgunner, JB, and Umarex! Check out American Airgunner @ # Great stuff and look for Airsoft 3-Gun!

Ding-Go Coatings: Custom Cerakote Camouflage

| July 6, 2014

  By: Dave Furney I was attending a local gun show in Boise when I noticed an unusual camouflage pattern on a Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR-AR.) I stopped and started talking with the young man behind the table. His name is Paul Zarneke, and he owns Ding-Go Coatings in Garden City, Idaho. I commented on […]

Mossberg’s Youth Firearms and Safety

| July 6, 2014

  Mossberg® Leads in Youth Firearms and Safety with Newly-Released Catalog 45 Firearms Developed Specifically for Smaller-Statured or Younger Shooters O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. June 30, 2014 7 Grasso Ave ~ North Haven, CT 06473 203.230.5300 North Haven, CT – O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc, throughout the company’s 95-year history, has been a […]

Junior Shooters and Forward Movement Training in Idaho

| June 19, 2014

By: Mike Sacks and Juniors Hi, everyone. As you know, we, at Junior Shooters magazine, care about kids and their parents and want you to have a place to go to find what is needed to get started in many different shooting venues. Questions are answered in our printed magazine and website about safety, guns […]

Junior Shooters Back issues

| April 13, 2013

I have been remiss in keeping new issues updated under our ARTICLES section for FREE DOWNLOADS of our print magazine. Normally, these are supposed to be posted three months after the print publication has reached the news stands. Volumes 9 – 13 have just been posted! CHECK THEM OUT! Just click on the header ARTICLES […]

Champion Clays & Wobble Targets

| May 27, 2012

The Wobble Target: Champion Targets green wobble target is cool and it takes a pounding. We have been using it with both .22 LR and .223s. Occasionally, the .223 will throw it up in the air and take the base off but we just but it back together and continue shooting. We have been using […]