ELEY® Ammunition Supports High School Shooters

Posted By on November 27, 2017

By: Jamie Corkish
2012 Olympic Gold Medalist

Growing up as a competition shooter in Eastern Pennsylvania I was extremely lucky to be able to compete almost every weekend. It wasn’t until I moved away from PA that I realized the lack of opportunity in sport shooting in other states. When I retired from competitive shooting I was fortunate enough to be hired by ELEY® ammunition as their PR and Marketing Manager for North America. This gave me a fantastic opportunity to grow competition shooting throughout the United States, making it more accessible to all, but especially to our younger shooters

I soon realized that shooting was not as recognized as other high school sports such as football, basketball, swimming and cross country, where student-athletes are awarded a high school All-American. We decided shooting athletes deserved that recognition as well and in 2015 launched the ELEY® high school All-American award.

The ELEY® high school All-American award recognizes the top high school sport shooting athletes for their athletic and their academic abilities. In rifle and air rifle disciplines, the top ten shooters are appointed to the ELEY® high school All-American team. These individuals will receive an ELEY high school All-American coin and certificate

The top calculated average in smallbore will be awarded 2500 rounds of selected ELEY® tenex and the opportunity to either visit our test facility in Winters, TX to test the ammunition or ship their gun to the facility. In 2018, with the launch of ELEY® ventus pellets, the top air rifle average will receive a selected ELEY® ventus pellet test along with 2500 rounds of pellets. As an Olympic medalist, testing was integral to my success and I am delighted to be able to offer this service to our up and coming athletes.

The 2017-2018 season is underway and ELEY® has published the current matches that will be used in calculating the ELEY® High School All-American award. Please note that this list may change as matches are added to the schedule. For eligibility please visit https://www.eleyammunition.com/hs-all-american . This program has been cleared with the NCAA Clearing House for eligibility. To apply for the ELEY® high school All-American a student-athlete must complete the required forms and submit them by May 31, 2018. We encourage all high school aged shooters to apply regardless of their results. We hope to be awarding you as part of the next ELEY® high school All-American team

2017-2018 ELEY® High School All-American match list

  • Dixie Double (Nov 3-5, 2017), Air Only (2 matches)
  • Winter Airgun (Dec 1-3, 2017), Air Only (3 matches)
  • Junior Olympic State Qualifier (Dec 2017/Jan 2018), Air and SB (1 match each)
  • Camp Perry Open (Jan 12-14, 2018), Air Only (2 matches)
  • IWK Hochbrueck 2018 in Munich (Jan 2018), Air Only (2 matches)
  • Robert Mitchell Rifle Championship (Feb 4-11, 2018), Air and SB (2 matches each)
  • Spring Selection (March 27-April 4, 2018), Air and SB (2 matches each)
  • National Junior Olympics (April 5-27, 2018), Air and SB (2 matches each)
  • USA Shooting Nationals (June 10-17, 2018), Air and SB (2 matches each)
  • CMP Monthly Matches (Sept, Oct, March, April, May), Air only (1 match each)
  • All ISSF World Cup competition only that lie before May 31, 2018 (MQS and Elimination rounds will not count)

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