APO and Junior Shooters magazine Take First Place Junior Division at Sniper’s Hide Cup 2017

Posted By on June 27, 2017


Ashbury Precision Ordnance (APO) and two of Junior Shooters magazine’s varsity, long-range team members won first place “Junior Team” at the Sniper’s Hide Cup 2017 long-range match! This is a significant accomplishment won at a very difficult long-range match where participants enter as a two-person team. APO is the exclusive rifle sponsor for Junior Shooters’ varsity, long-range team. The varsity team also uses Leupold scopes provided through APO. Junior Shooters magazine fielded five juniors at this match, two two-person teams and a single junior varsity junior who shot with one of our coaches as his team-mate.

Cameron Burke (18) and Brock Lueddeke (15). Members of Junior Shooters’ shooting team and two members of the varsity long-range team. Congratulations Cam and Brock!

Junior Shooters magazine and APO, with Leupold, started their long-range efforts in early 2016 taking five of the top shooters Junior Shooters 3-Gun team and having them move into long-range as well. This varsity group has consisted of Ben Moody (18), Cameron Burke (18), Ricky Marston (16), Brock Lueddeke (15), and Tristan Woodbury (15) – current ages provided (Note: You shoot as a junior in long-range competition until you are 19.). Jack Burke, one of our junior varsity members also competed, and did extremely well. The long-range team is coached by Travis Woodbury and Brian Lueddeke.

Left-to-right: Ben Moody (varsity 18), Ricky Marston (varsity 16), Jack Burke (junior varsity 13), Frank Galli Sniper’s Hide Cup match director, Cameron Burke (18), and Brock Lueddeke (15). The ammunition used by the varsity and winning junior team was Hornady’s 140-grain ELD Match (Hornady’s big “H” logo is proudly displayed on the front of four of the jerseys in this photo).


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