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Posted By on May 6, 2017

By: Ben Moody (18)

Ben, shooting an arrow out of the Dragon Claw.

Ben, shooting an arrow out of the Dragon Claw.

Several manufacturers in the past few years have come out with air guns that shoot arrows. The Air Venturi representation of this product is the best on the market. Instead of building a whole new system dedicated to firing a bolt they have simply designed a bolt that can be fired from their existing platform. The platform is called the Dragon Claw, chambered in .50 caliber. The bolts themselves can be fired from any .50 caliber air gun with a barrel length twenty-two inches or over. It seems this line of their rifles follows the same look and high-quality feel. Although I have only tested one of their other rifles, the Dragon Claw shares all of the same main functions. This makes transitioning from one type of air gun to the other an easy process.

20161018_095014 websiteThe greatest part of this design is that it is not limited to shooting air bolts. At any time, it can be shot using the original .50 caliber pellets. Loading the rifle with Air Bolts is much like a crossbow.  The bolts fletching, or arrows, must be bent clockwise in the same direction and then pushed down the barrel until only the point is visible. After cocking the hammer with the side charging handle, the rifle is hot. The safety is just like most traditional shotguns, located on the trigger guard behind the trigger. The first few bolts fired from the rifle were into a small haystack. Both of the bolts entered through a sideways row of bales and penetrated two and a half of them. The power was more than a crossbow! The fastest crossbow on the market will shoot a 400 grain bolt/arrow about 440 fps MAX. The Dragon Claw shoots a heavier, 430 grain Air Bolt at 500 fps.  Not only was I impressed with its penetration, but I would not hesitate to take game as large as a deer, boar, or black bear with an Air Bolt.

Unfortunately, finding the bolts after you fire them is a daunting task. I started with six bolts at the beginning of the test, and now only two remain.  Because of this, I was not able to confirm the accuracy of the rifle with these projectiles, but as far as I can tell from one target, it is more accurate than the crossbow. The sights are easily adjustable and are very well made.  The report from the rifle is louder than I expected and I would suggest wearing hearing protection when firing. The two air tanks contain enough air to fire roughly eight shots before needing to be refilled. I would definitely spend the extra money to get a prefilled tank to recharge the rifle. Pumping it by hand with a special pump is a thirty-minute workout.  

This is a serious airgun; I would only suggest for hunting purposes on mid-sized or larger game. It is far too powerful for pests in the back yard. In conclusion, the Dragon Claw is a great way to hunt mid-sized game and can be a bunch of fun.

I would like to thank Junior Shooters Magazine,, PYRAMYD AIR, and Air Venturi for making this article possible.

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