Gun Safety is Key and the V-Line Slide-Away is Great!

Posted By on August 20, 2016

Open w Full Tray outside Slide-Away Low resGun safety not only includes safe gun-handling but also the storage of firearms in a safe manner.  This is especially important when children are around whether they live in the house or are just visiting. Many people have large safes where they store their firearms. If there is any thought to having access to a firearm quickly, especially a loaded one (don’t forget all firearms are to be treated as if they are loaded at all times), the means of storing the firearm safely also needs to be addressed. V-Line has done that with their Slide-Away. It is one we have used and recommend.

The Slide-Away is V-Line’s new American made multi-purpose heavy duty security case.  The Slide-Away is constructed of heavy duty 12-gauge. steel with a rugged tactical black powder coating.  The smooth operating large pullout drawer sits on ball Slide-Away mounted med resbearing assisted slides.  The drawer is large enough to hold an Ipad style tablet or two 1911 type firearms with room to spare for extra magazines. The Slide-Away is versatile enough to mount underneath a desktop or in a small area as long as there is about 4.25″ of clearance.  It comes standard with a mounting bracket for both bottom and top mounting.  Optional full and half trays are available.


Model No.  10123-S FBLK
Outer Dim: 10″x13″x4″
Inner Dim: 9.5″x10.75″x3.25″
Material: 12 ga. steel
Lock: Simplex pushbutton mechanical lock
Shipping Wt. 21 lbs
MSRP: $299

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