Brownells ESG Essentials Emergency Gun Bag Kit

Posted By on February 22, 2015

Many of us have an emergency bag in case of a disaster. Is is a real must for any family, especially a family with kids. One of the best I have seen is Brownells ESG Essentials Kit. It has just about everything you need in any situation except food and water – just add them in. The Emergency Gun Bag contains the supplies required to help keep both you and your firearm working in an emergency situation, all packaged into one easy-to-carry bag that saves you money over purchasing all the items separately.

For your gun, the bag contains a Universal Cleaning Kit, weapon wipes, two 20-round AR-15 magazines, and a Burris lens pen to keep your optic clean. Just add some ammunition in the appropriate caliber.
For you, the bag contains everything – except food – that’s required to survive a long-term emergency: Water purification, fire-making supplies, shelter-building tools and materials, first-aid supplies, emergency lighting and more.
Just add some long-term storage food and ammo in the caliber of your choice, and you’ve got a completely-prepared bag that you can grab and go with in any emergency. Check it out at

Kit Includes:

· Remington Universal Cleaning Kit

· Break-Free Weapon Wipes, 24-Pack

· Ontario Survival Knife

· Burris Lens Pen

· 2 Brownells 20-Round Magazines

· ASP Airweight Baton

· Top Cop .68 oz Spray

· E.A.R. Ultra-Fit Earplugs, Corded w/Case

· Brownells Clear Shooting Glasses

· Gerber Dime Multi-Tool

· Gerber Gator Machete Jr.

· Brownells Versatile Light

· Streamlight Microlight

· Streamlight Trident Headlamp

· Adventure Medical Adventure Trauma Pack

· Adventure Medical Kits Afterbite

· Brownells AR Multitasker

· Ace Camp Survival Multi-Tool Shovel

· Condor Outdoors Products Black Shemagh

· Coleman Lightsticks, 2-pack

· Coleman Emergency Candles, 2-pack

· Turboflame V Flame

· UST Butane Fuel

· Balm Shot

· Stansport Camp Blanket

· Rite In The Rain Notebook

· Rite In The Rain Pen

· LifeStraw Filter

· CamelBak Eddy Hydration Bottle

· Coleman Campers Toilet Paper

· Adventure Medical Kits Adventure Bath Wipes, Travel Size

· Midland Pocket Radio

· Duracell Pro Cell AAA Batteries

· SureFire 123 6-pack Batteries

· Voodoo Tactical 50-ft Paracord

· SOL Fire Lite Kit

· Condor Outdoor Products 3-Day Assault Pack

· ESG Essentials Patch

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