Happy 2015! Remember Safety First – Check Out Custom Safety Flags

Posted By on January 4, 2015

 IMG_4542 edited Website jpg I hope you all have a very happy and rewarding new year. Lots of fun, some great shooting and time with family. Always keep in mind that safety comes first whenever you are around firearms whether it is at the range or at home.

When safety rules are broken disasters can happen! We should make sure that standard safety rules are adhered to when handling firearms. Such rules include:

  • Always treat a firearm as if it was loaded.
  • The gun is always loaded. (If you always treat a firearm as if it was loaded, then when handling a firearm you will be more inclined to insure the muzzle is not pointed at anyone, including yourself.)
  • Never point a gun at anyone. (Muzzle control at all times.)
  • Always know your target and what is behind it. (The gun is pointed down-range and when fired the bullet cannot go beyond the berm/barrier. If it does, there is still a cleared area.)
  • When these rules are followed, it will minimize any damage if an accidental discharge occurs insuring your safety and that of others. However, the use of a chamber safety flag will further reduce accidents, hopefully eliminating them.

Almost all firearms sold by manufacturers today are sold with a safety flag. That is encouraging. The discouraging part is that these flags are usually not used and many are lost. Safety flags should be used all of the time unless actually shooting.

  • When stored. When you take a firearm out of the safe to show someone, put it in a gun case, or clean it, you can immediately see the flag and know it is safe.
  • When put in the gun case. (When a gun is taken out of the case there should be a flag in the chamber.)
  • At the range. A chamber safety flag should be inserted into the chamber immediately after shooting. This means that long guns (rifles and shotguns) should have a safety flag in them when they are in the rack.

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Some really cool safety flags are custom ones for rifle and shotgun that are available from Sterling White.

Personalized Safety Flags – Making safety flags “cool” is a great incentive for people to use them. Not only are they personalized and look good but they work extremely well and are very obvious. We have used them extensively with great success. Junior Shooters magazine is a huge proponent of using safety flags. These flags from Sterling White are fully functional and the large fabric that is personalized really stands out. They are effective and fun. They are also “Way Cool!” Contact: Sterling White CONTACT INFO: http://www.plugrusa.com 951-966-9841.

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