Flex Hone – Improving Your Shotgun

| December 9, 2014

We have found that even a chrome barrel and chamber have problems with sticky shells or shell residue build up, even after cleaning. When you put 400-500 rounds through your shotgun in a three-day period this can cause minor difficulties and even affect accuracy. There is now an easy way to make your chamber, forcing […]

Hodgdon’s 2015 Reloading Manual

| December 4, 2014

This is a “Must Have” for reloaders! It is brand new and updated. Contact them to get yours. Hodgdon-The Brand that’s True Pyrodex-The Muzzleloading Propellant Triple Se7en-Easy Clean Muzzleloading Propellant GOEX Black Powder-The Tradition Continues IMR-Legendary Powders IMR White Hots Preformed Charges Winchester Smokeless Propellant-For Loading Professionals VihtaVuori Smokeless Powders 6430 Vista Drive Shawnee, KS […]