Browning Buckmark Plus UDX

Posted By on November 9, 2014

By: Ashley Rumble (11) Volume 16 Winter 2013

closeup gripI recently got a chance to test a Browning Buck Mark.  It is a very cool gun and really nice to shoot. It has a match trigger that is very short and crisp. It has a chrome barrel and wooden grips. The green bead of the front sight makes the sight picture very clear when looking through it. When I shoot it, I do very well with it, and it has become my favorite gun.
When I first got it, I had never shot anything but my dad’s Smith and Wesson 22A; which although is a very good, inexpensive, baseline pistol, was very touchy on what ammo went through it. The Browning ran without a flaw. The slide was very easy to pull, though I had trouble with jams because of my noodle arms. My dad got to shoot it before I did, and he said it was like “breaking a glass rod” when you pulled the trigger.
Ashley holding browning silhouette It is very accurate and works well if you are really into competing with a .22 in steel challenge, Ruger Rimfire, or bullseye.  It’s a good beginner’s gun for people who aren’t used to guns or need a gun that’s easy to shoot and easy to take care of.  It is so fun to shoot and easy to clean. When cleaning the Smith and Wesson, it took us a long time because the recoil spring would suddenly pop out and we would have to move it back into place. When I first shot the Browning in a match, I was able to achieve faster times than I did with the Smith and Wesson.
It’s lighter than some of the other handguns I have tried which makes it good for younger kids or people just starting. For people who don’t like a lot of kick, it’s great.  While loading the magazines themselves is very easy, sometimes it takes a little extra pushing power to get the magazine seated properly.  I used this gun in my last competition, and it was easy to handle, even though some of the targets were at a challenging distance for a pistol.   It has a crowned barrel which makes it better because the crown helps keep the bullet in a tight spin and protects the rifling at the end of the barrel, making it much more accurate. Packing it around is easy as well. It’s very compact so we have no trouble getting it in the bag. I really hope I can get one of my own soon. It’s a great gun, and if you ever get an opportunity to shoot one, you should!

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