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Competitive rifle shooting is becoming more popular every year. New juniors are getting involved in competing in airgun, smallbore, and in long range all of the time. Precision air rifle and smallbore (.22 Long Rifle) are an important part of the Olympic shooting events (check out The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP was created by Congress in 1903 and juniors are flocking to compete in air rifle and service rifle.

One of the questions that many new shooters have when first starting out competing in precision rifle competitions is: “Where do I get the gear that I need?” Well, the answer to that question is easy: Creedmoor Sports!

Creedmoor Sports Catalog Cover




                     (Above: Sarah Bowers with Anschutz 8002 air rifle also available from Creedmore Sports)

Creedmoor Sports has been manufacturing top quality products for the competitive rifle shooter and tactical sniper since 1979. Their product line includes their World famous “Hardback” shooting coat, shooting mats, shooting stools, and many other products for the serious competitive rifle shooter. Hardback Coats are worn by past and present Champions including David Tubb, Norm Houle, Dennis DeMille, Wyatt Tubb, James Fox and many others.          

8002 full length right side

(Sarah Bowers’ Creedmoor Sports shooting mat shown with an Anschutz 8002 competition air rifle.)

Terry Bowers, one of our staff writers and a precision rifle coach says, “Creedmoor Sports high-power jackets are second to none. Creedmoor Sports is well known for quality and for standing behind their product.” Sarah Bowers, one of our junior writers, says, “Their shooting mats and kneeling rolls are great. They are very functional and easy to use. The shooting mats have plastic on the outside so are easy to clean.”

POLECAT copyTheir latest addition to their scope stands is the POLECAT. This new scope head utilizes the base and rods of the Creedmoor Deluxe tripod scope stand (C1011), or it may be purchased separately for use with any scope stand using ¾” rods. The POLECAT features:

  • Zero play (slop), giving you the ability to quickly and easily make adjustments
  • Pre-tensioned adjustable horizontal and vertical movement
  • One-handed operation/adjustment
  • For use by left or right handed shooters
  • Scope may be positioned above or below the scope head
  • All parts are machined from solid aluminum, Delrin, and stainless steel for the highest possible quality and durability
  • 5 ½” standoff from center of stand to center of scope
  • Includes stop collar to keep scope from inadvertently slamming into the ground
  • Includes two Allen wrenches for adjustment
  • Made in the USA

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Creedmoor’s National Match Air Rifle: Air-15

NMAR AiR-15 copy

Get the legendary world-class one-hole performance of an Anschutz ® rifle with the look and feel of an actual M16A2.

The AiR-15 Rifle was introduced in conjunction with the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s (CMP) National Match Air Rifle (NMAR) discipline.

At the heart of the AiR-15 is one the world’s best air rifle barreled actions, the German made Anschutz 8001 with the 5065 trigger. Surrounding the action is a 100% American Made stock. The receiver sleeve, front sight housing, carry handle, and handguard are all machined out of solid aluminum; the magazine is machined from solid Delrin ®. The remaining components, such as the butt stock, pistol grip, sling swivels, front sight post, and rear sight are genuine Bushmaster ® parts.

  • –           The AiR-15 Rifle perfectly replicates the M16A2’s:
  • ·          Length of pull.
  • ·          Sight radius.
  • ·          Height of rear sight from the comb of the stock.
  • ·          Distance from the butt stock to the rear sight.
  • ·          Distance from the butt stock to the front sling swivel.
  • ·          Magazine dimensions (choice of 20 or 30 round).
  • ·          Height of the front sight.

The rear sight has ¼ min elevation and windage adjustments, and has an adjustment range that allows for points of aim ranging from sub-six to twelve o’clock. The front sight post adjusts the same as the M16A2 and gives the shooter the ability to make major elevation changes using the front sight.

The AiR-15 Rifle uses compressed air and gives you up to 120 shots per refill. The removable cylinder may be filled with a hand pump, air compressor or standard scuba tank.

Available with either a simulated 20 or 30 round magazine. (Magazines are non-functioning, used for appearance and to allow shooter to replicate normal high power shooting positions. The AiR-15 Rifle is a single shot rifle only)

The AiR-15 Rifle purchased together with the patented  Creedmoor Portable Air Gun Range, the only air gun range tested and approved by the U.S. Military, provides you with the ultimate training device. For clubs wishing to create and begin NMAR leagues this is a must have combination.

It is perfect for holding indoor rifle competitions in any open spaces large enough to accommodate a 33 ft range. It is also the perfect tool for introducing new people to high power competitions, or for training high masters to win the national championships.

The first 250 rifles sold will be Gary Anderson Signature Limited Edition rifles.

The stock kit may also be purchased separately for those wishing to convert their existing 8001 or 8002 Anschutz ® rifles into an AiR-15 Rifle. The conversion is simple and takes only minutes to install; however, a qualified gunsmith will need to convert the trigger to the required 3 lbs.

AiR-15 Specs:

  • Length: 38.31” (97.31 cm)
  • Wt: 9.4 lbs. (4.26 kg)
  • Action: Anschutz ® 8001
  • Trigger: 5065 (3 lb. trigger pull)
  • Propulsion: Compressed Air cylinder (200 bar or 2,931 psi max pressure) 
  • Velocity 575 FPS (Feet Per Second)

Check it out at:

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