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By: Andy FinkPalco Sports S&W M&P 9 hayden port arms

What comes to mind when you say Airsoft? If you are a youth, you might think about the last time you went out and played airsoft games in the backyard or shot at targets. On the other hand, if you are not familiar with modern airsoft guns you might think they are toys. I used to envision airsoft guns as those guns that spit out plastic BBs that didn’t go very far and were not accurate; far from it! Many of today’s airsoft guns are strong, reliable, weigh as much as their big brother counterparts, and except for the blaze orange marking on the front of the barrel, look almost identical to the original they are a replica of.

S&W 1911 w-rail & 6mm BBsPalco Sports, one our sponsors, has provided us a variety of airsoft guns and products that we are in the process of testing and we will be covering over the coming months. They are a major distributor of airsoft products and we are especially thankful for their support.

Shooting airsoft guns can be fun, and it can be accomplished indoors or outside depending upon what guns and targets you are shooting.
 Safety Glasses
One of the first things to remember when shooting airsoft guns is be safe. At a minimum, always, always wear proper safety glasses and I don’t mean regular eye wear or sun glasses.


My view is that airsoft guns should be treated as any other firearm, with respect and care. Always obey firearm safety rules such as never pointing the gun at anyone.

Sig 552 right side 2

Today’s airsoft guns have high velocity, are extremely accurate, and powerful. Sig 552 pistol grip, trigger, mag releaseHmm, you don’t believe it? We recently tested an airsoft replica of a SIG 552 Commando. This gun has a velocity of up to 445 fps, can shoot through both sides of a soda can at 40 feet and can go through one side out the other and continue to 60 feet! At 15 feet, on a rest, you can set out a bb and hit it within five shots!

Airsoft 6mm BBsAirsoft guns have started to have a real impact on the shooting industry as a whole and that influence will probably grow. They can be used for training, practice, and just fun shooting, but you always want to make sure safety is the first priority.
Firepower rest target w-both sets of targetsTraining at home using special targets is an excellent way to improve your skills. Using certain types of airsoft guns have some advantages over others. There are a variety of airsoft training events and even airsoft games that have both pros and cons attached to them.

We will be covering a variety of subjects about airsoft over the coming months as well as specific gun reviews. These subjects include such items as:

                                        (Top S&W 1911 airsoft 6mm BBs ? Bottom S&W 1911 .45 acp.)

If you have any suggestions as to subjects you would like covered, comments, or want to send in any articles, photos or information, please contact Andy at Please note that we do not pay for articles or photos and that all materials sent in may or may not be published on our website, in our print magazine, or in our flickr photo album totally at our discretion. All material sent in by, or about juniors, must have their parent’s permission.

Check out the products at Palco Sports:

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  2. Thank you for your comment. Please let us know if you have any suggestions on how to make our site and print publication better.

  3. Waugh. Great blog. Found it by accident when I search for safety training dvds. But belive me, I´ll come back to this great blog

  4. At present, the airsoft markers are getting to be a lot more advanced as there are hybrid firearms constructed. All these pistols have a large serving of truth combined in. The plastic BBs are wrapped in cartridges. To put it differently, every time you shoot the gun, a shell casing is ejected.

  5. Desire to understand a great deal concerning airsoft guns. Terrific new blog!

  6. used to play Airsoft but i stopped after some guy accidentally shot my eye

    Hi Jeremiah,

    That is why safety is so important. You should always where glasses when participating in the shooting sports and air soft IS a shooting sport. That is also why we do not cover airsoft games where you point the air soft gun at another person. Our policy is NEVER point a gun of ANY kind at another person. You should always where glasses when practicing with airsoft guns. Shooting airsoft guns at targets can be fun and great practice


  7. we always play airsoft on our home made battle grounds ~;-