Tips & Hints of the Week # 2 – Trigger Squeeze

Posted By on May 7, 2009

By: Andy FinkKimber 9mm Sarah

Squeezing the trigger is part of the fundamentals of being a good shot. There are a few shooting sports, such as fast draw, where the trigger is jerked somewhat versus squeezed, but not many. In all the rest, and especially precision shooting such as high power, or precision airgun, learning how to effectively squeeze the trigger as it is pulled will make the difference between hitting the 10-ring or the nine ring. Sometimes, such as in fast action-shooting sports such as cowboy action, Steel Challenge, USPSA, IDPA, or 3-gun competitions, it will make the difference between hitting the target or not.

BB gun prone close upThere is no question that jerking the trigger will move the barrel off target. At that moment, you will lose your sight picture. Controlling your trigger pull also has a lot to do with controlling your adrenaline and breathing.

One of the best ways to learn to squeeze the trigger properly is to go slow, get your sight picture, adjust your breathing, and then focus on squeezing the trigger and not pulling it hard.


This can come naturally in target shooting, but in action shooting things are moving so fast it takes more concentration to remember to squeeze and not yank on the trigger. I recommend trying this with low recoil firearms first; such as air guns or .22s. Once you are comfortable with how you are squeezing the trigger you can move up to larger caliber firearms that have more recoil. In fact, if you are shooting medium to high caliber firearms now, and are having trouble with your accuracy, I recommend you going back to the basics and .22s or airguns for a while.

DuncanRemember that your mind can really only focus well on one thing at a time. So make your next trip to the shooting range the time to focus on squeezing that trigger. Think of how smooth and even the pull is going to be for every shot.

Have fun and shoot safe.

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