National Youth Hunt 2008

| March 26, 2009

Youth Hunters Experience – the Hunt of a Lifetime By: Lindsay Thomas, Jr. For an experienced hunter, there are few things as rewarding as introducing someone else to the fun of hunting and the outdoors, especially if that someone is a youngster. That’s why the Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) Staff enjoy organizing the annual […]

Shootin’ Gallery From Caldwell Shooting Supplies

| March 7, 2009

By Ray Walters While few, if any, of our young readers are old enough, many of your grandparents, parents, aunts, and uncles will remember one of the most popular attractions at the many State and County fairs across the country was the Shooting Gallery. As hard as it may be to believe today, just about […]

Silencio Orion Hearing Protection From Brownells

| March 7, 2009

By: Sarah Bowers (Junior Writer  For Kids By Kids) Ear and eye protection are items that everyone must be concerned with when participating in the shooting sports. This is especially true for kids. When you are out enjoying your favorite shooting sport, look around, if someone doesn’t have on ear and eye protection let an […]

SKB Shotguns – Kids Dig ‘Em

| March 4, 2009

By: Andy Fink The snow was falling in big flakes and the wind was blowing about 10 miles an hour as the young boy took his jacket off and tied it around his waist. Wearing jeans and a T-shirt, he came up to position one of the trap range. Everyone else had at least a […]

Ty’s Tidbits 2: A Junior on Safari With Limcroma Safaris

| March 2, 2009

By: Ty Weaver (13 years old) (Junior Writer  For Kids By Kids) I was twelve years old when I went on this Safari, my second. The day before Dad and I left for my 2006 safari, I came down with a 101 degree fever. Mom took me to the doctor and he gave me a […]