Action Airgun – Fun, Firearms Education, and Competitive

Posted By on February 24, 2009

By: Andy Fink

IMG_2695Juniors and adults, get ready for the new shooting game in town! What a combination! Do you want to teach your kids firearms safety and have a ball of fun without even having to leave your house? You can. ActionAirgun has come up with a new sport of competitive shooting that is fun, and you can compete against your local friends and over the internet. Not only is it fun and competitive, it is a great way to teach the basics of firearms safety and ingrain them in the beginner in a safe manner. IMG_2922What about being able to learn the function and how to operate a semi-auto 1911 easily and safely? Yep, you can do it in your home at a very young age. What about practicing for real firearms competition? Is that possible? Yes, it is a great practice for almost any action shooting sport but especially applicable to Steel Challenge, IDPA, and USPSA events.

Hannah, 12 years old, says, “This is cool.”

ActionAirgun says, “Whether you’re new to airguns, or a skilled shooter, ActionAirgun is your chance to show the world what you are made of. All you need is an 8″ by 16″ space to set up a range in your home, basement, or club. The rest of the standardized equipment is available exclusively with the ActionAirgun Advanced Shooting Kit. Each week you”ll time yourself shooting Courses of Fire downloaded from the site, then upload your scores and see how you stack up.”

Cole, 11 years old, says, “This is awesome! I love it. I just want to keep shooting and shooting.”IMG_2703

ActionAirgun was developed in upstate New York by founder Collins White as a way to fine-tune his shooting skills during the cold winter months when shooting outdoors became extremely uncomfortable. They have regular competitive seasons where you can compete on an individual basis or as part of a fire team all while shooting a very realistic airsoft 1911. The competition is fun, and certainly something I recommend for everyone, but even more important is the training that can be conducted right in your own home. IMG_2704Not only firearms safety in a shooting environment but the basic skills of being a good shot like sight picture, trigger control, breathing, rapid change of targets, timing, and shooting under competitive pressure. Most of all, it is FUN!

Sarah, 16 years old, says, “This is a great idea. It is an easy way to practice and is cheap. I was impressed with how real the gun felt and it functioned very well. This is fun and I recommend it to other juniors.”



The best way to start is to get the official ActionAirgun kit. This includes everything you need to do to practice and compete on the internet internationally. The kit consists of:

  • M1911 all metal, CO2 gas-blowback airsoft pistol.
  • Two 25-BB capacity CO2 magazines.
  • The exclusive ActionAirgun CED7000 shot timer with wrist band.
  • 10 high-density polymer targets.
  • 2,000 precision ground ActionAirgun BBs with speed loader.
  • 10 CO2 cartridges.
  • One ambidextrous holster.
  • Two polycarbonate safety glasses (always where safety glasses when shooting any firearm, even airsoft guns)
  • 2 target stands with placement grid.

This whole kit is just $299.99 and well worth the price. Just think how much shooting fun you can have for just the on going costs of CO2 cartridges and some airsoft BBs!

Rear sightsI was very impressed with the 1911 airsoft pistol. It functions just like the real thing and has ambidextrous safeties so works for both the left and right-handed participant. The weight was adequate and it even has adjustable sights. WOW!

IMG_2923The actual season is comprised of six weeks of intense competition. Week to week, three courses of fire are posted for download from the ActionAirgun website. Courses of fire show competitors how to set up their range, where to place the targets and target stands, and in what order to hit the targets. The top shooters will be invited to compete live in the heart-pounding ActionAirgun Challenge Cup shoot-off at the end of the year.

Check them out when you have time at

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